Monday, 8 June 2015

Is laser hair removal painful ? Does laser hair removal hurt ?

This is a common initial question of users of this technology.Mostly it is not , it,s pain free hair removal treatment and it,s comfortable too especially when compared with other hair removal methods . Even in some cases numbing cream is not necessary with laser treatment. But if some one,s skin is sensitive or pain tolerance is low or different then an appropriate numbing cream e.g EMLA can be used.

Using these creams is safest option for small areas specially. It is very important to use a cream that is properly compounded otherwise it can result in adverse side effects or even death . So the clients should consult with their doctor or there must be a patch test first.Laser hair removal,removes all the hair of skin in one pulse .

Laser hair removal pain is described  like rubber band snapping against the skin . Laser hair removal treatment technology uses special cooling system that lowers the temperature of the skin at the treatment area before, during and after laser exposure . so the treatment is generally not painful and can be tolerated.

As laser hair removal pain depends on the person and how sensitive the skin is ? As well as the area being treated , stress , fatigue , pain tolerance , menstrual cycle and the level of comfort or discomfort. This can be handled through use of some additional cooling devices like Candela Gentle Lase , Soprano BLU lasers . These devices decrease sensitivity during treatment by additional cooling.

Don,t use Caffeine Ibuprofen etc before treatment as it can make your skin more sensitive. You can take only mild pain reliever e.g Paracetamol.

Some areas like facial are very sensitive than others like legs .But surely we can say that laser hair removal is an alternative to painful methods of removing hair e.g waxing , tweezing or electrolysis .

Note : We know that some of the earlier aesthetic lasers delivered painful pulses.But that was in old times now this technology has improved so don,t fear a similar experience if you have been treated one of those painful devices in past.Pain is subjective hence can be influenced by personal feelings.

It should be noted that not feeling any pain during treatment may be an indication that the laser is set too low to produce permanent results for your skin.

At the end comparing laser hair removal with other various hair removal methods like waxing , plucking , tweezing and epilation the general consensus is that this treatmentis less painful and quicker.

Real Self says about laser hair removal pain :

Laser hair removal not too painful. The level of discomfort depends on the treated area, the texture of the hair, and skin. Darker skin people are more sensitive because they have more pigment, not just in the hair, but in their skin as well. Patients with dark and coarse hair experience more discomfort as well


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