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How does skin laser hair removal treatment work ?

Laser hair removal therapy or laser hair removal treatment is a world wide procedure for the removal of unwanted ugly body hair. Dermatologists have covered its methodology , safety , effectiveness in details that is why now it is accepted world wide and has become one of the most common pain free cosmetic practice. Here we are going to explain  laser hair removal information regarding it,s working .

So finally we are going to answer the question , laser hair removal how does it work ? The answer to this question  is , this a practice of removing unwanted body hair via a long pulse laser . This treatment uses powerful laser heat energy on a targeted hair follicle . The heat of  laser light when contacts with hair follicle it destroys hair follicle and disables future hair growth .
This heat energy absorption into skin depends on correct wavelength of light and SPTL( selective photothermolysis ).Selective photothermolysis ( SPTL ) means that the wavelength of light emitted by the laser will target precisely a particular tissue color , ensuring that the resulting heat damage is localized to that targeted color area only. In laser hair removal the target area is melanin which is a group of pigments found in the hair follicle which are responsible for giving hair it,s color.So these are destroyed by absorbing light and hence destroyed. In SPTL only black or brown hair can be targeted successfully .


The target area is heated up to 75ยบ C for 1 minute via computer controlled technology so that the selective target under procedure is destroyed.This does not harm the surrounding skin.The amount of energy and timing are very important in laser hair removal treatment  because the amount of energy is the amount which can destroy that target area and the time is how long it will take to destroy it.Time and energy required can be altered by laser therapist when it is necessary in laser technology.

 As we know this is a practice of removing unwanted body hair via a long pulse laser.The LHR treatment is done by a specially trained and certified laser specialist or a doctor by pointing the laser at your shaved skin.

Laser hair removal treatment is done during hair growth periods . Hair growth occurs according to different body parts hair growth cycle .So mostly 6-8 treatments are needed at intervals of 8-12 weeks to disable hair growth at a specific body part .

Laser hair  removal (LHR)  is mostly done on all body parts having hair like as toes , fingers ,areolas ( nipple area ) , underarm, pubic area , inner bum , facial areas ,abdomen , upper lips ,chin , back , thighs , legs , buttocks , arms , neck , chest  , female and male brazilian , cleavage , ear lobes and beard area for men. In other words laser hair removal therapy can be applied effectively every where on all body parts.

But here another  question arises  " Does laser hair removal really work for permanent hair removal ? So,my answer to the question do laser hair removal work  permanently _ is that it just shreds hair to a minimum low level and extends the hair growth timing  , but does not removes hair permanently .

Bottom Line : Laser hair removal therapy uses laser technology light energy via a long pulse on the targeted hair follicle of  a specific body part during it,s hair growth time . The light energy destroys the hair follicle at growth stage hence preventing any future growth.This procedure is repeated every time when hair regrowth occurs at the area being treated . So it takes time to complete it e.g average 5-10 treatments at intervals of 8-12 weeks. Finally hair get shredded to an acceptably low level or may be permanently removed .

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