Saturday, 6 June 2015

List of ten most common side effects of laser hair removal

What are the side effects of laser hair removal procedure ? Is it safe or not ? Is laser technology is safe for hair removal procedure ?. This is the most concerned and common question about laser technology and it,s procedure and application in hair removal treatment . Here we will explain it.

Laser hair removal is the first and most popular tailored and decorated procedure . Hair removal by laser technology is  most researched and well known method of removing unwanted hair.This uses low heat level to remove hair safely . LHR treatment has provided safe and effective treatment for thousands of patients around the globe.Lasers do not remove skin so the risks are very low .

Laser Hair Removal treatment is also very flexible as patients can return to work easily or can play immediately . Before this treatment there will be an informed consent that explains all possible risks and side effects.

There are ten common temporary side effects of this treatment :

1- Redness for some days like sunburn
2- Itching
3- Follicular Edema ( temporary swelling of hair root )
4- Skin Irritation
5- Tingling or Feeling numbness
6- Skin brightening for some hours

The following side effects are indicative of inappropriate laser type or settings :

7- Minor Pigment changes
8- Purpura ( purple coloring of skin )
9- Crusting /Scab Formation
10- Bruising

The two most serious side effects are skin discoloration and a flare of acne after LHR treatment, but these two are not very common.

With the right machine & sufficient expertise , no body gets any damage to his / her skin . But some times rarely some patients may experience blisters or scarring.

Before starting any treatment each client should get a free consultation and patch test with a 24 hour waiting almost to ensure that skin is safe and test is clear. There must also be a full medical test before any LHR treatment .

The laser hair removal treatment procedure are also safe. Both client and specialist wear goggles , whilst the laser is directed onto the skin. when this is carried out by trained specialist the process is safe and completely safe.


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