Saturday, 6 June 2015

Hair removal with IPL - Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages :

1- It is approved by FDA  for permanent hair removal /reduction.

2- IPL solves the problem of skin conditioning or pigmentation problem. It means it is useful for every type of skin including fair skin and finer hair too.

3- IPL is more versatile, and often faster than traditional lasers because its wavelength are wider than lasers.

4- IPLs are cheaper and because their  wavelengths are wider and can cover a larger area in a time.

5- Most clinics and clients use them due to it,s diversity and cheapness respectively.

6- The risk of damaging the client skin is far less than the laser technique.

7- It is flexible in use and can be tailored according to client skin.

8- Covers a larger area so it may  involve less sessions.

Disadvantages :

1- As for i know  each hair has to be treated individually by IPL- electrolysis, this can be time consuming.

2- Electrolysis involves removing hair by applying electric current rather than radiations like laser  to the follicle with a fine needle that destroys the root of the hair.

3- Electrolysis can be painful because it uses needles to be inserted into each target follicle of hair .

4- It can be mentally  uncomfortable if needles are inserted for each follicle again and again .

5- It is not a 100% permanent , even there is no treatment that ensures 100% results.

6- Most people rely on laser devices but it,s not a laser machine.

7- It can be costly for some people.

8- It also has some side effects e.g tanning


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