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We are looking for writers with both technical expertise and the ability to explain complicated concepts & procedures clearly. We want authors who are passionate, innovative, creative and original writer not just copy paste.

skin laser hair removal doesn't work quite the same as more traditional internet blog publishers do. For example, the first question many authors ask a potential publisher is “What are you looking for?” At Skin Laser Hair Removal , we ask authors these questions instead: “What are you an expert on? What do you have real-world experience in? What are you passionate about?” In summary, we are more interested in your ideas, expertise, and passions than we are in having you fill in some hole in our list.

Of course, the our blog admin will work with you to help ensure that your article is according to our visitors needs and ultimately successful, but the first stage of that process has to be for us to hear about your ideas–not for you to hear about ours ! So first we will look at your demo article.

Note : Writers are only allowed to write articles about below given topics : 

Laser Hair Removal permanent or Not ? ,Laser Hair Removal news ,Is Laser Hair Removal Safe ? ,Laser Hair Removal cost . Is laser Hair Removal Painful ? , Laser Hair Removal Side effects , Home Laser Hair Removal Articles , Laser Hair Removal Machines , Laser Hair Removal Reviews , Laser Hair Removal for Men , Women , Laser Hair Removal Questions and Answers , Laser hair removal procedures , Explanation of procedures for different body part , s laser hair removal e.g chin , back , bikini etc. Other topics Related to Laser Hair Removal.

Contacting to Skin Laser Hair Removal : 

If you would like to contact us to get more information about writing, technical problems of publishing in general, or existing publishing opportunities for you on different topics, we urge you to do so. Even if you have just a single question , answer or a vague idea, we would be happy to respond to that, too. You may be surprised how a little brainstorming can really bring things together, and the vague idea can become the most interesting article.

Send your ideas by e-mail in plain text, Microsoft Word, or PDF to "directoriesportal@gmail.com".Within a week or two at the most , the 'hair free skin' team who best shares your interests and experience will contact you. Of course, the more detailed and appropriate your inquiry is , the easier it will be for us to get back to you as soon as possible with some intelligent comments and eventually we will want a full proposal . A full proposal always includes the following:

-Detailed contact information
-A table of contents (an article of upto 350 to 1000 words)
-Your biography/resume (this should indicate why you are the person to write this article)
-Some information about why you think this would be an important article or info. and why your article will   be better than others or how this will be helpful for Hair Free Skin visitors ?

How to Qualify for 'Skin Laser Hair Removal' blog writer ?

Word count: 
No minimums or maximums but posts typically run between 500-1000 or max words. Please do not stay under 500 words.

Post Language / Structure: 
Easy to understand ,Inclusive, accessible, and generally positive. Take a look around and see what we've previously posted.

Original Content: 
The most important thing is that we ask that posts submitted should be unique and original to 'Hair free skin' blog . We do not accept posts that have already been published or submitted elsewhere online (not even on your personal blog) or that you plan to distribute to other websites.

We are not interested in SEO-driven submissions that are not in line with our philosophy:
If you work for a content business or are a freelancer who writes articles for the sole purpose of linking up keywords in an effort to boost SEO, then we are not interested at all . If your submission or bio references or promotes a business or service that is not in line with our philosophy then we are not interested.

Since we do not compensate contributors for posts, we're more than happy to include a byline and your brief bio containing links to your website, Facebook, Twitter accounts, which we will promote when your post goes live. Please keep your bio to just 2-3 sentences like professionals. Hair Free Skin - is a great resource to promote what you're doing and your expertise , knowledge ,concepts and any other useful information for our blog Visitors.

Please send your post in the body of the message of an email: 
That means, if you're using Word, for example, you'd paste the Word document into your email. (Email : directoriesportal@gmail.com)

Once your posts go live, please share with your friends via email, your personal website, Facebook, Twitter, and any other social media. The more people who view your post, the better is it for you and the better it is for our blog . If your post performs extremely well and you become a regular contributor (one post a week), you will earn our confidence in you and you will be promoted on this blog as our best contributor with your complete profile

We love connecting with new contributors. We are few admins of this blog , sometimes we don't have the opportunity to respond to all submissions. We can assure you, however, that we carefully read every single submission that we receive. If your post has been accepted, we generally respond within 14 days. You're welcome to submit again with a different post after you have waited 14 days.

By submitting to our blog you acknowledge that you accept our terms, and any form of editing that might occur on behalf of the editorial team.

What Will You Get In Return Of Your Guest Post? 

Author Bio / Promotion: You would be awarded with a separate 'Author Box' below each of your Guest Post, that would have a short description about you,your website link , your social connections and may be your profile picture(if you want). By adding your social profiles you can increase your followers , members , visitors . You, as a Guest writer also can get a 'kick off' in your early blogging career. You can build your name as an Blogger. So its a great opportunity for you to increase your professional skepticism in blogging , getting expertise and promoting yourself as a blogger . We look forward to hearing from you ! Hurry Up :)


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