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Skin laser hair removal therapy | Glossry of terms

1-Laser hair removal machine/Device: A machine which is used for laser hair removal treatment . It uses powerful laser radiations heat energy on a targeted hair follicle.The heat damages the targeted follicle and thereby preventing any future growth.You can find more devices and info. by clicking here.

2-IPL hair removal machine/Device:In IPL technology a big group of lasers is being used all at once to destroy hair follicle and thereby preventing any future growth.Intense Pulse Light ( IPL ) treatment is not a laser hair removal treatment . Both methods work with same practices but the laser machines are better and precise in terms of wavelength and time duration for particular pigment area but IPLs are not precise . That is why  IPL is more risky than lasers in terms of side effects e.g burning due to intense heat.These devices include : Harmony ,Aculight , Epilight , PhotoDerm , Quantum , Vasculight , Palomar Starlux and Estelux , Aurora.You can find more devices and info. by  clicking here.

3-Laser hair removal free consultation/Schedule: It means having an appointment with your local doctor to seek knowledge and discuss  about laser treatment procedure , sessions , safety , side effects , skin type ,price etc to make an informed decision about final commitment.

4-The patch test : This test is for your skin  to confirm that you don,t have any kind of serious sensitivity towards lasers . Patch test qualifies and disqualifies skins for laser treatment.

5-Hair Growth / Production Cycle: Hair grow on each body part in a cycle and that hair growth cycle of each body part is different.Term cycle means a natural process of hair growth which starts from a point and ends at a point while passing through different stages of it,s growth or production .So understanding hair growth stages is very important if you are going for a hair removal treatment.This will help you in making an informed decision regarding number of sessions required with how many weeks apart.During hair growth period laser treatment is applied not in dormant period.

6-Anagen ( Very fast and active )

This is the first stage of hair production cycle and this is the most fast and active hair production stage.
At this stage hair fiber grows at first time.When this stage completes, the hair growth cycle automatically
transfers into next stage.

7-Catagen ( Slow and club hair )

This is the second stage of hair production cycle.It starts when first stage ends.
It means active growth of hair is ended now.This stage continues for some weeks and
then makes a club of hair.After this stage hair growth enters in the next stage of production.

8-Telogen ( Tiredness and Resting )

This is the final stage of the hair growth cycle or production cycle.
At this stage hair are tired and need some rest , which means a noticeable loss of hair.
On a daily basis at noticeable level hair shedding and loss occurs at this stage .
After this stage the whole cycle starts again from start to end.

9-Ruby laser hair removal machines: Ruby lasers are very first invention . Some ruby devices are star , Epipulse Ruby ,Palomar E2000 etc. For more devices and info.  click here.

10-Alexandrite laser hair removal machines: These are well known and commonly used lasers. Some Alexandrite machiens are Apogee ,EpiTough Plus ,GentleLase etc. For moredevices and info. click here.

11-Diode laser hair removal machines: These are also used for skin hair removal treatment . Some Diode devices are Palomar SLP 1000 , Comet ,Apex 800 , Epistar , F1 diode , Laser light , Light sheer, MeDio Star ,SLP 100 etc. For more devices and info.  click here.

12-ND:YAG laser hair removal machines: These are Athos , coolguide , GentleYAG , Lyra-i , Sciton , Image , Varia,Medlite IVetc . For more ND:YAG devices and info .  click here.

13-Alexandrite / ND:YAG combination devices: These combo laser devices are Gentle MAX, Apogee MPX , Apogee Elite etc. For more devices and info.  click here.

14-Fitzpatrick Skin chart:

Which laser device or machine is best for your skin , this is determined by using "Thomas Fitzpatrick Skin Chart ". Fitzpatrick  chart is based on his observations of responses to sun exposure and the degree of burning and tanning of people skins.His skin classification chart is very familiar to dermatologists and is used in determining skin type for laser hair removal. 

15-Melanin: This is a group of pigments  which are responsible for giving hair  , skin and eye iris it,s color.

16-Skin type 1: Characteristics of this type of skin are very sensitive , always burns and never tans .Skin color examples are white , very fair , red blonde hair , blue eyes , freckles , Albino .

17-Skin type 2: Characteristics of this type of skin are minimum tanning , usually burns and sun sensitive.Skin color examples are white ,  fair skinned , red or blonde hair , green eyes , blue , hazel

18-Skin type 3: Characteristics of this type of skin are gradual tanning , slow burning and sun sensitive.Skin color examples are cream white ,  fair skinned , any eye ,any hair color , very common ,European mix and Darker Caucasians .
19-Skin type 4: Characteristics of this type of skin are minimum sun sensitive , minimum burning and easy tanning . Skin color examples are brown, mediterranean , Asian , European , American , Indian , Hispanic.

20-Skin Type 5 : Characteristics of this type of skin are easy tanning , rarely burns and sun insensitive.Skin color examples are dark brown  , Mid Eastern skin types , Hispanic.

21-Skin type 6: Characteristics of this type of skin are sun insensitive  , never burns and tans very easily.Skin color examples are Black , African , Mid Eastern , Afro - American.

22-Tattoo: This is a decoration , design , symbol , marking or modification of skin by inserting long lasting ( permanent , non permanent ) ink into the dermis layer of  the skin.This ink changes the pigment according to any desired e.g decoration purposes.

23-Acne: This is a common skin disease which mostly occurs in teenagers .Most common area for acne is face.One example of acne is face pimples . Acne disease occurs when hair pores are filled or blocked by oil or dead skin cells.

24-Acne Scars: Sever acne leaves spots  on the body for life time e.f  on the face . These lasting effects are known as acne scars.

25-Skin conditioning: It means determining that your skin is suitable for laser hair removal or not and which machine should be used for your skin.

26-Hair Follicle: In simple words you can say hair pores from which hair grow out 

27-YAG 1064nm Laser machineIt is very useful for darker hair and skin but does not work effectively on fair skin and hair .

27-Vellus HairThese are very fine, fair , soft and very short, almost color less  hair. Color less means color giving pigmentsarenot foundin vellus hair.Vellus hair birth place is face, body etc . Vellus hair are  not treated with laser hair removal procedures. Most common example of vellus hair is a baby's head hair


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