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Laser hair removal advantages and disadvantages | Side effetcs

Advantages :-

1- It is approved by Food and Drug Administration of  USA. It means it,s safe , effective and practicable if  used by certified professionals having reasonable knowledge and skills.

2- It is highly effective for permanent hair removal so gives immediate results.

3- It is speedy than other treatments.It means it takes few sessions for the treatment.Laser hair removal takes a few minutes to  an hour maximum for the treatment .For example it will take less than a minute fora small body part like chin , upper lip and may take an hour for back.

4- It does not affect surrounding skin so can be applied on any area of body e.g sensitive areas like face , bikini , breast without causing any infection or any other side effect e.g redness.

5-It offers long term permanent results if applied correctly. 

6-Laser uses precise wavelengths by selective photothermolysis - SPTL. So it gives more better and permanent results.


7- Lasers penetrate deeper on a selected target area of hair follicle than any other method.

8- It is pain free almost or you can say that it is less painful than any other method e.g Electrolysis , and eye watering pain of waxing.There are just minimal small contracts of laser machine and the body.

9- Lump sump  fee of laser hair removal treatment e.g $600 looks pretty expensive but on the other hand it may be cheaper than life time buying of razors , waxing creams etc . It means it is cost effective also. 

10- Laser hair removal works better with a high contrast in skin and hair color i.e darker hair , lighter or fair skin . But some new technology of lasers can target dark hair and dark skin too , but the success rate is different.

11- Lasers cooling system is very advance , it means no discomfort or any feeling of burning during treatment.

12- A laser has a much greater coverage area than any other machine , and will penetrate several follicles with each pulse.

13- Laser technology is more  controllable in terms of heat , area , wavelength and time when practicing it.

Disadvantages :- 

1- Laser is an advance technology and uses precise / selected wavelength for the target area so due to added value features it may be expensive than other treatments. So it does not suit you if you are budget conscious.

2-  Lasers can not treat better some skins like darker skin while electrolysis - IPL is more effective for any skin e.g darker skin.It means laser can not cope with skin conditioning problems.

3- In selective photothermolysis - SPTL only black or brown hair can be targeted successfully.

4- Lasers cannot treat tanned skin , nor can they treat blonde hair safely.

5- It may be lengthy taking normally 6-8 treatment sessions .

6- As lasers are unable to solve skin pigmentation or conditioning problems so it,s effectiveness is questionable .

7- There may be risk of burn if skin is not suitable for laser treatment.

8- It is not a 100% permanent , even there is no treatment that ensures 100% results.

9- Laser hair removal is not suitable if you have any of the following disease :

  -Infection disease
  -Skin disease
  -Cardiovascular system disease
  -Ontological skin disease

10- This is always exposed to some side effects e.g skin redness ( mostly temporary ) specially for fair skin .

11- Some other common side effects of lasers are given below :   
- Blistering
- Redness for some days like sunburn
- Itching
- Follicular Edema ( temporary swelling of hair root )
- Skin Irritation
- Tingling or Feeling numbness
- Skin brightening for some hours
- Irritation
- Swelling

The following side effects are indicative of inappropriate laser type or settings :

- Minor Pigment changes
- Purpura ( purple coloring of skin )
- Crusting /Scab Formation
- Bruising

12- Laser technology can,t be used for below 18 years old client.

13-  There is a perception in some people about laser treatment that it causes cancer or it,s just dangerous.


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