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Three stages of hair growth cycle and laser hair therpy

Getting understanding of what is hair production cycle and how it relates to hair removal laser treatment is very important, so this whole thing is explained below :
Hair Growth / Production Cycle: Hair grow on each body part in a cycle and that hair growth cycle of each body part is different.Term cycle means a natural process of hair growth which starts from a point and ends at a point while passing through different stages of it,s growth or production .So understanding hair growth stages is very important if you are going for a hair removal treatment.This will help you in making an informed decision regarding number of sessions required with how many weeks apart.

There are three main stages of hair growth cycle or hair production cycle ,  which are given below:


1-Anagen ( Very fast and active / Growing stage )

This is the first stage of hair production cycle and this is the most fast and active hair production stage.
At this stage hair fiber grows at first time. This stage determines our hair length and it takes two to seven years to complete . When this stage completes, the hair growth cycle automatically transfers into next stage.

2-Catagen ( Slow and club hair / Transition phase )

This is the second stage of hair production cycle.It starts when first stage ends.
It means active growth of hair is ended now.This stage continues for some weeks and
then makes a club of hair.After this stage hair growth enters in the next stage of production.

3-Telogen ( Tiredness and Resting  / Resting phase )

This is the final stage of the hair growth cycle or production cycle.At this stage hair are tired and need some rest , which means a noticeable loss of hair. On a daily basis at noticeable level hair shedding and loss occurs at this stage . This stage lasts three to four months . Around 20 % hair will be in this stage . After this stage the whole cycle starts again from start to end and new hair start to grow under exogen phase which lies within Telogen stage of hair growth cycle.

How hair production cycle relates to laser therapy ? Laser hair removal therapy is done during these hair growth cycles and not in dormant time when there is no hair growth.So it is effective in anagen stage of growth , which is active and very fast hair growth stage.Hence, you need a number of treatments in order to destroy each follicle of hair as it enters the anagen phase of growth after a certain time period .


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