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How many sessions to complete laser hair removal ?

How many laser hair removal sessions are needed for skin laser hair removal ? OR how many sessions for laser hair removal ? , it depends on following below factors :

1 - Area Being Treated :

Skin laser hair removal can be done on every body part but ' laser hair removal how many sessions' ,,,  is linked specifically to body area being treated , because each body part has different hair density and size . As we know every body part differs in hair density  and size with another body part , therefore each body part being treated will take different laser hair removal number of sessions to complete the laser hair removal treatment. Hair density and area being treated size also varies person to person , so laser hair removal sessions required will be different person to person also. 

For example, generally legs and backs take more sessions to complete laser hair removal therapy , because of bigger size of area and greater hair density . Legs and backs treatment takes two hours and a half  almost ,while an upper lip and ears tops take 8-10 minutes  . The under arms and front of neck treatment can take up to 20 minutes.

2 - Hair Density / Thickness

How many laser hair removal sessions ? It also depends on hair density . As we know hair density varies on different body parts , person to person and also hair density may be greater or lesser if a person belongs to any Asian or European country respectively. More coarse areas will take greater number of treatments and less coarse areas will take lesser treatments and time .

3 - Hair Color

How many sessions of laser hair removal is needed ? It also depends on hair color . Laser hair removal is recommended mainly for dark hair and light skin therefore , the treatment will take lesser time on these type of hair and skin . Advance laser technology can produce better results for those with red or blonde hair , dark hair and dark skin pigments too but it may take longer time than other hair color types .

Laser hair removal technology works by targeting dark pigment . Therefore , it works best for pale / dark skin .The lighter the skin and the darker and more hairy , the better are the results .

Laser hair removal will not work on white , grey , light red or light blond hair follicles and also people suffering from PCOS ( Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ) may experience poor results unless they receive proper medical treatment along with laser treatment.

Generally Laser hair removal works better with a high contrast in skin and hair color i.e darker hair,lighter skin.The reason is that darker skin absorbs less laser light so remains less effective against required results.

4 - Skin Type & Laser Device

Laser hair removal sessions are also linked with your skin type and laser hair removal device . Because best quality laser hair removal device and suitable skin type  combination will boost up laser skin therapy resulting in completion of laser therapy in a reasonable time duration . Which laser device or machine is best for my skin , this can be determined by using "Thomas Fitzpatrick Skin Chart ". Fitzpatrick  chart is based on his observations of responses to sun exposure and the degree of burning and tanning of people skins.His skin classification chart is very familiar to dermatologists and is used in determining skin type for laser hair removal. Fitzpatrick chart divided skin into six types which are given below:

Type 1 : Characteristics of this type of skin are very sensitive , always burns and never tans .Skin color examples are white , very fair , red blonde hair , blue eyes , freckles , Albino .

Type 2 : Characteristics of this type of skin are minimum tanning , usually burns and sun sensitive.Skin color examples are white ,  fair skinned , red or blonde hair , green eyes , blue , hazel

Type 3 : Characteristics of this type of skin are gradual tanning , slow burning and sun sensitive.Skin color examples are cream white ,  fair skinned , any eye ,any hair color , very common , European mix and Darker Caucasians .

Type 4 : Characteristics of this type of skin are minimum sun sensitive , minimum burning and easy tanning . Skin color examples are brown, mediterranean , Asian , European , American , Indian , Hispanic.

Type 5 : Characteristics of this type of skin are easy tanning , rarely burns and sun insensitive.Skin color examples are dark brown  , Mid Eastern skin types , Hispanic

Type 6 : Characteristics of this type of skin are sun insensitive  , never burns and tans very easily.Skin color examples are Black , African , Mid Eastern , Afro - American.

Alexandrite lasers are best for skin types 1,3
Diode lasers are best for for skin types 1,4
Nd:YAG lasers are best for skin types 4 and 5, 6 (  for type 5 these are the only type of laser that should be used otherwise there will be burning and more sever side effects.

5- Punctuality & Waiting times 

Your punctuality and clinic,s waiting times also determine number of sessions to complete laser hair removal treatment . Most patients need at least 6-8 effective treatment within 8-12 weeks.Hair growth occurs in cycles so the time duration in weeks and the number of treatments are necessary to affect all hair on any given area.Due to hair growth cycles variation depending on body area of the client treatments are usually needed frequently once every 8-12 weeks apart e.g face almost requires 8 weeks whereas legs and backs need less treatments usually almost 12 weeks apart.

6- Your Therapist 

However you need a consultation with your local specialist to determine number of treatments and any additional treatments depending on area being treated , thickness , hair density , hair color , hair texture, skin type and your punctuality. Usually you have to require a touch up treatment after two years of treatment completion.

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