Sunday, 7 June 2015

24 things that you must ask from hair removal therapist

1- Which type of laser will you use for my skin and hair ?

2- Do you have your own laser devices or you will rent them ?

3- Are you a certified laser hair removal  therapist ?

4- How many laser hair removal devices do you own?

5- What,s your specialty  regarding  skin laser hair removal treatment ?

6- How much laser therapy will cost me ?

7- How much experience ( e.g 8 years ) do you have in this field ?

8- Are there any side effects / dangers of laser hair removal treatment ?

9-Who will perform my laser therapy ?

10- How many days in a week my therapist will be available ?

11- Do you have a specific laser device for my type of skin ?

12- How many other persons you treated with a skin type similar to mine and what were the results ?

13- Do you follow quality control procedures ( e.g continual professional development ) to update your skills and knowledge ?

14- What should i do before getting a treatment ?

15- How will i look like during laser hair removal treatment ?

16- Do i need rest during my treatment or i will be free to go any where to do anything during my treatment ?

17- Should i shave before getting a treatment or not ?

18- How many sessions laser hair removal treatment will require ?

19- Do i need to be punctual in my treatments ?

20- Ask your therapist for a " patch test " before under going  skin laser hair removal treatment , to determine your skin type .

21- Demand some before and after laser hair removal treatment pics from your doctor .

22- Pros. and cons. of laser hair removal

23- Your laser devices are new and in good working conditions ?

24- Any other information which you think is necessary to make an informed decision ...!!!


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