Saturday, 6 June 2015

Laser hair removal treatment provider selection crieteria

The following four things you should consider when choosing a laser hair removal treatment provider :-

The Clinic : Choose a clinic having good media comments and ratings. Assess the clinic with your needs and get the answer that it,s main priority will be your desired result.Schedule at least 3-5 clinics before making any commitments.Don,t fall for marketing hype , these can vary by as much as 100-200% . So only consider their expertise and knowledge during your schedule.Avoid clinics using any inappropriate pressure building risky methods .

The Laser : Choose a best laser for your skin . Best lasers are mostly expensive because they are precise in heat usage on the other hand cheap lasers are not precise and may cause pain or some serious side effects.Here also do not fall for marketing hype.Schedule with your therapist considering laser choice and it,s setting for your skin.

The Laser Operator : Laser operator skills of operating laser and his experience matters a lot . Practical experience must be considered than the education on paper.So laser treatments should be performed by fully trained and certified practitioners.

The price : Prices vary from clinic to clinic,specialist to specialist and place to place.The price or cost of laser hair removal treatment also depends on the size , complexity and some other factors of the area treated . Discounts or special offers also affect price of laser hair removal treatment. Number of treatment is another cost / price determinant for laser hair removal treatment . office settings like Spa , Salon , Surgeon etc also impact costs and prices of laser hair removal procedure. 


Hair removal cost also depends on some special considerations or risks involved  e.g who will perform the procedure doctor or assistant and complications like removing tattoos.  

Don,t get into hype of discounts and special offers. Three things you must consider when making an commitment Clinic Reputation , The laser being used and the Laser machine operator expertise.

Every one should compare prices,expertise,types of lasers used and other relevant factors among at least 3-5 clinics in a area before getting started a treatment.Below given average pricing information is used across different locations in US.

Average Price per session by Hair removal forum :

Underarms (both) - $50-$150
Regular bikini - $100-$200
Brazilian bikini - $200-$400
Half arms (both) - $200-$400
Butt - $150-$300
Back - $200-$800
Chest - $100-$300
Abdomen - $100-$300
Full space - $150-$300
Upper lip - $50-$150
chin - $50-$150

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