Monday, 16 March 2015

What is Laser Hair Removal ? | Basics of hair laser therapy

Laser hair removal is an aesthetic procedure to remove unwanted / Ugly body hair . Laser hair removal gives you hair free soft and glowing skin which enhances your beauty.

A lot of people have ugly undesired hair on different body parts . The most common body parts where hair can grow are toes , fingers ,areolas ( nipple area ) , underarm, pubic area , inner bum , facial areas ,abdomen , upper lips ,chin , back , thighs , legs , buttocks , arms , neck , chest , cleavage , ear lobes , beard area for men and in some cases for women .

Above mentioned areas where hair can grow include some private parts of body and some parts are such which are not private and remain exposed  . Mostly people want to remove those extra ugly hair from their open parts , which are exposed to the general public or environment around them . The reason is obvious those hair are unwanted and make people personality ugly . And we know that every body wants to look attractive and beautiful  not ugly that,s why people with such extra body hair want to remove them . 

 Traditional Hair Removal Techniques

There are different traditional ways of removing undesired  body hair  like as shaving , tweezing , waxing etc. 
Traditional ways of  hair removal are cost efficient and are very common in our lives. But the problem with these traditional hair removal treatments is that they are not the permanent solution . You just use them when you see hair are too big and need a treatment then after some time you do it again and it continues in our lives.Traditional ways of hair removal may also harm your skin like as using again and again razors on your face  may leave some spots or cuts for the whole of your life. 


Advanced Hair Removal Techniques

In modern and advanced ways of removing unwanted body hair laser hair removal treatment or therapy comes first.Laser hair removal process works very systematically so it needs proper qualification ,skills and experience.

Laser hair removal therapy uses laser technology light energy via a long pulse on the targeted hair follicle of  a specific body part during it,s hair growth time . The light energy destroys the hair follicle at growth stage hence preventing any future growth.This procedure is repeated every time when hair regrowth occurs at the area being treated . So it takes time to complete it e.g average 5-10 treatments at intervals of 8-12 weeks. Finally hair get shredded to an acceptably low level or may be permanently removed .

Laser hair removal technology is used around the globe specially in developed western countries it,s very common and well known body hair removal procedure.

The reason of its popularity in developed western countries i think is their technology and the whole treatment process is very secure and advanced , so people feel safe while using this hair removal technology .The other reason of  it,s popularity may be that it removes body hair permanently or shred them to an acceptably low level . People living in western countries  are also financially strong than the people of developing countries , so they can afford this luxury of life :)


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